359  Adventure Ranch Rd.
Murphy, NC 28906
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Salty Dog Gem Mine

at WagonMaster Adventure Ranch
Murphy, North Carolina

Bring the family, plan a party, and enjoy instant fun at the gem mine or the thrill of the search at gold panning.

It's instant fun at the gem mine for the whole family.  Treasure bags, Fossil Bags, Rockhound bags, and all different sizes of bags.


We order our gold ore or "paydirt" from N. Georgia.  We do not salt the bags with gold and we cannot guarantee what you will find.  The most flecks found in one quart to date has been 28 flecks of gold.  Several guests have found nuggets like the ones pictured here.  We give free instruction on site, and we ship quarts of paydirt.   $17  quart.. not including shipping.