359  Adventure Ranch Rd.
Murphy, NC 28906
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Salty Dog Gem Mine

at WagonMaster Adventure Ranch
Murphy, North Carolina

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One Gallon Treasure Bag with dirt


A variety of tumbled & rough gemstones from around the world with extra treasures that are age & gender appropriate. Gems & treasures total 8 - 10 oz.   Examples of treasure for little ones are gem jewely, dinosaur & pirate toys, & other toys.  Examples for older kids are arrowhead or shark tooth pendants, gemstone jewelry for older kids, hematite magnets and more.  Great birthday party fun!  Total weight & number of gems depend on value of treasures.  Big Girl and Boy have more valuable treasures than little girls and boys, but the little ones have more total treasures.

for multiple bags, see multiple bag sale product. Note: if you use the product for ordering 1 bag, we will not complete the order.

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